I am the owner of a small domestic cattery recognized with affixes :

Felis Nitra “Club Italia” / FIFe  OnlyBricat*IT

I feel a deep love for the cats especially for this special breed and this led me to start this wonderful adventure with enthusiasm.These wonderful cats are special in dealing with human beings , that’s why they are recommended for pet therapy .
Your kitten will enjoy of your family warmth and of your harmony and this will help them to have a steady psychological balance suitable for their growth and socialization.
Kittens also need to play and we particurarly look after this in a special way.
In addition to health, we pay particular attention to the appearance of their character , by giving them the maximum stimulus in their first few weeks. We are convinced that when a cat reaches his new family it must be beautiful, healthy and with a typical character and a balanced behaviour as a British Shorthair is!

We are breeder of British Shorthair kittens. The available colours are:blue, lilac, cream, bicolour and tricolour.

Our breeding cats are tested for the recurring feline infectious diseases such as Fiv – Felv, HCM and genetically for Pkd.
Our kittens will reach new families after being vaccinated and wormed, Felis Nitra the ” Italian Club ” / FIFe pedegree, health card , health guarantees by private and with a starter kit of food and games. Passaport & microchip for cats that will go outside of Italy.
The kittens will be sold the company (“not for breeding kittens ” ) they must be sterilized.
We will arrange the delivery  of the  Felis Nitra  ”The Italian Club” / FIFe pedegree after receiving the veterinary documentation.
OnlyBri Cattery