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The British Shorthair cat is none other than the common English which , thanks to breeding, selection and cat shows , it was ” distinguished” , it has won its standards and it has carved out an important place in a private setting only aristocratic cats !

The British Shorthair is also called ” bear cat ” because it is a round cat of medium -large size, exceptionally strong and sturdy and of a sweet look.It has got a strong sense of dignity and independence, but despite of this it is very fond of his family.It enjoys playing with children and dogs and it is a loyal companion for adults. Its strength allows him to face any situation calmly . It does not require special care and attention , only the grooming needs some more attention than other short-haired breeds : the compact and dense coat should be brushed with some frequency , especially during the period of the suit.

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Size: 5-7 kg male , the female 4-5 kg . ( medium to large )
Head: is large, massive , round .
Ears: Small , well-spaced and slightly rounded at the tip .
Nose : Short , broad and straight with a slight depression.
Eyes: Large, round , well- spaced and open , intense and brilliant color from amber to orange.
Body: Medium to large , muscular, broad chest , shoulders and back strong and solid . The head rests on a short neck , very strong and well developed.
Tail: broad at the base and thinner towards the tip , which is rounded
Legs: boned and muscular with moderate to heavy, rather short , with round feet .
Coat: Short , thick , straight, does not flatten on the body of the animal but tends to remain always raised . Weaving with good undercoat
Colors: Blue is the typical , but can be any color like black, white , red, cream , chocolate, lilac , bicolor, tricolor coloupoint , blotched tabby , mackerel, spotted , chinchilla, silver and golden .